Goals and Features

The goal of Grafixator is to allow quick generation and/or prototyping of 2D games without having to worry about loading graphics resources or copyright issues.  It allows you to instantly test your 2D game using many predefined player and camera movements for popular 2D game genres. 

However, Grafixator is not and never will be a full game maker. We believe in developers having full control of their game logic with no restrictions. The Grafixator API will import your game, and easily allow you to modify the code to adapt to your desired logic.

Editor Features

  • Generates random graphics. Select different combinations of shapes, colours, borders, flipping, eyes, and transparency to generate unique results.
  • Many graphics filters (including a large selection of jhlabs filters) to instantly improve your generated graphics.
  • Usual tile editor features such as draw, delete, duplicate tile, zoom, fill, rotate, configurable grid, sprite snapping, undo and adding/moving of layers.
  • Choose between Tile or Image/Animation mode to either draw tiles or insert sprites into your game.
  • Allows creation of Box2d Shapes (Rectangles, Paths and lines, Circles, Triangles) for more complex Box2D collision.
  • Creation of simple timelines to move sprites around your game.
  • Animation and Images library to quickly select from lists of pre-generated images and animations.
  • Macro draw to quickly draw a tile relative to another.

Game Play Features

  • Instantly play/test your game.
  • Select your controllable character with a variety of movement options for different game genres (e.g. shooters, platformers, flappy birds, catapult, standard up,down,left and right), camera control options, player fire and collision with sprite/walls detection.
  • Apply properties to your sprites, such as rotation, destructible, pickup, enemy fire to generate basic game play.
  • Basic Particle Effect Editor to assign some simple effects (e.g. to Sprite hit, bullet collision).
  • Apply basic box2d properties to any tile or horizontal/vertical movement, rotation. Configurable Box2d gravity and Box2d debug mode.
  • Add up to 3 Parallax scrolling backgrounds and define scrolling speed and X/Y wrapping.
  • Grafixator automatically generates collision shapes for all tiles in the collision layer.
  • Sprites are rendered directly after the collision layer. Configurable Z-Ordering.


  • Includes basic sound effects for Fire, Hit, Pickup and music (all configurable via settings).

Import, Export + Saving Features

  • Files are saved in .xml format with images as .png spritesheets allowing them to be loaded into the framework of your choice. Sprite movements are stored as Tile Properties.
  • Duplicate padding options for saving to reduce tile bleeding.
  • Export to TMX format.
  • Allows importing of spritesheets, animations (via spritesheets) or individual images.

Grafixator API + Loader

  • Grafixator API for libgdx to load in your Tiled Maps and sprites. The Grafixator API loads in your game with the same behavior specified in the editor (e.g. player/camera movement, particle effects, box2d, box2d lights, sprite tweening) and allows you to easily customize the default behaviour for your own needs. See the Grafixator API Docs for more information.


  • Grafixator does not solve the multiple Android screen resolutions problem. Grafixator saves the tiles/sprites only in the specified sizes. The Grafixator API allows you specify different spritesheets and sizes for tiles but these must be created separately. Games with fixed viewport sizes are not affected by this limitation.
  • Currently both the tile spritesheet and images spritesheet have a 1024×1024 limit.