YouTube Introduction Video

So, after a few days of getting to grasps with video editing we now have a little Introduction video on YouTube.

This should give you a pretty good idea of what Grafixator can do and if its suitable for your game. Plenty more tutorial videos will follow in due course. Enjoy!

Grafixator website goes live.

Finally, after many hours of coding, we are pleased to announce the up-and-coming 2D Game Editor and random graphics generator: Grafixator.

In case you haven’t read the home page, grafixator is a random graphics generator and 2d game editor, allowing you to quickly generate and test out different graphics for your game. Many other features of course, so rather than me waffle on about them all check out the features page.

We are am in the process of putting together a quick introduction video in YouTube. After this we will release and document the grafixator API and open up grafixator to a select group of developers for alpha testing.

During alpha testing we will implement a few more features (for example moving and one-way platforms, wall jumping for platform games), website forum, some feature requests and of course bug fixes. When finalized, grafixator will be released to the public. Expected ETA is late 2016.

Any questions feel free to drop us a line here or on Facebook/Twitter.

Steve + The Grafixator Team.