What is Grafixator?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could randomly generate most of the graphics for your game in a matter of minutes, with no copyright concerns, no artistic ability required and quickly prototype your game ideas, each time with different unique results. Welcome to Grafixator.

Grafixator is a Random Graphics Editor, 2D Tiled editor,  scene editor and a basic Box2d editor.  It also has Box2dLights,   Sprite Tweening and a basic particle effects engine integrated.  It also acts a simple game maker allowing you to select and control your main controllable character with various movements types,  camera control and optional configurable fire.  Games are saved as XML and there will be a free ‘open source’ Grafixator API for libgdx.

YouTube Introduction video:

See the Features and Goals page for a full list of features.

Where and when can I download it?

Grafixator is under its final stages of development.  After this period it will undergo Alpha + Beta testing,  and then live. Public release is estimated for late 2016.  Stay tuned!

Random Images

Random images generated instantly. Generate until your heart's content!

Grey Tiles

Infinite random grey tiles suitable for many game types.

Random Spaceships

With horizontal flipping you can quickly generate random spaceships or bugs for shoot-em up games.